Oh dear, an apology

First of all I have to apologize for any language errors. I am a Dutch native and although I travel a lot through English speaking countries and read most books in English, I might make use of some ‘Dunglish’ now and again. The English language uses fewer words than Dutch to say the same thing. Since the languages are so closely related, the Dutch tend to make shortcuts that sound very logical to them, but are in fact incorrect. Sorry about that, I will do my best to keep these errors in check!

So what’s this blog about?

No, it’s not about the optical device that projects a (moving) image onto a surface. By Projector I mean Projector as in the Human Design type. What does that have to do with being an Enneagram Four?  In my case everything (I am both) because I’ve encountered many similarities between the two. And while studying the types, I discovered my growing resentment towards both of them.

I am curious about your experiences as a Four or as a Projector (maybe to verify that I am not a basket case after all?) and I hope you will share your experiences here.

Who am I?

I am a female, born and still living in The Netherlands and:

  • INFP (Myers-Briggs)
  • Enneagram Four/w5
  • Human Design Projector 5/1
  • Taurus with a Gemini ascendant and a
  • Snake (wood year) according to Chinese Astrology.

I may have a few more ‘badges’ according to other tests, but this sums it up quite nicely. So, pretty much downright hopeless, wouldn’t you say?

So what will I be writing about?

Resentment? No, that would be so un-romantic! Fours are romantics and they love to look at the world as a beautiful place, love to make it more beautiful and yearn for it to be more beautiful.

Yes, we come from La-La land…or… that is how the description in the original Enneagram bible made me feel (and a few other books too). The more I read about my type, the more depressed I became.

The descriptions made me feel that there is no place for Romantics in this world. Instead we need to succeed, be logical, work hard and come up with realistic strategies to reach realistic goals. Yes, we can dream, we are even encouraged to follow our dream and then produce strategies to start living that dream. Isn’t that what Romantics would love? Uhm…yeah…sort of…but… no?

Fours (and Projectors) are often type casted as dreamers, airheads, freeloaders, being lazy, melancholic, not living in reality, not pulling their weight, not coming up with strategic plans etc.

And that is exactly what I like to talk about in this blog. No, I will not complain about how hard it is for us poor souls (okay, maybe just a teeny bit), but I will be expanding on the matter and hope to exchange ideas about how we can be our authentic selves to the fullest and help make the world more beautiful while we’re at it 🙂

So, what’s your general experience as a Four or as a Projector?


Raven Bear

(of course, being a Romantic I’d like to use my totems as pseudonym)